A Christmas Greeting from......?

I'm sending this as a Christmas greeting to all of you Photocritiquers. I have thoroughly enjoyed wasting
many hours at this site over the last several months - it has been entertaining and informative.

As I was printing this today, I was wondering how many would recognize this location.

Pentax 67 w/200 lens, PLus X pushed 1 stop in D76 (side question - is HC110 essentially the same
developer?) 1/30th sec @F8.

Christmas cheers to all.

Posted by Art Sands (sands@msn.com) on Sun, 12/19/99 20:04
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Comments by Bill Taylor (bt1947@lanset.com) on Sun, 12/19/99 20:22
WOW and fantastic! Don't recognize the scene, but it's a good one..

Comments by Alston Mabry (alstonm@hotmail.com) on Sun, 12/19/99 20:31
Love the detail and the whole scene. Gives me a great sense of place and mood.

Comments by Craig Collins (clemente21@banet.net) on Sun, 12/19/99 20:56
Times Square?

I like this Art - very enjoyable. Only one comment: sidewalk seems very brightly lit and modern, in
contrast to more old-time retro feel of buildings and signage.

Comments by Tom Grubbe (regulus@best.com) on Sun, 12/19/99 20:59
The lighting for this shot is amazing (reflections off the snow??) and the detail is crisp. I almost didn't think
this was a real street scene until I saw the people. Wonderful shot.

Comments by Brian Kennedy (brk@eclipse.net) on Sun, 12/19/99 21:49
This looks like it is from a model RR set, it's such a perfect scene. I like it very much -- but I wouldn't
guess Times Square. I've only ever visited NYC, though, so I don't know. But it looks like a smaller city.
Almost like DC, but I don't recognize the buildings. I'm stumped :/.

Comments by Gary Jean (jstragman@hotmail.com) on Mon, 12/20/99 02:17
You could tell me that this was NYC or Philly and I'd believe you, but I've been away for a long while so
the renovated sidewalk and tourist information sign (?) throw me. I like the model RR comment. All in all,
a wonderful shot. Looks like a texbook example of the Zone System. Thanks for posting this one.

Comments by Pamela Drew (psdrew@midwest.net) on Mon, 12/20/99 04:32
I love the mystery of your shot and the way you posted it as such... so I too will add my guess.... could it
be Beale St. in Memphis, TN? Actually if this is correct I think it is the corner of Beale and Third St.
I anxiously await your reply. I too kill many relaxing hours playing on this sight.


Comments by Craig Collins (clemente21@banet.net) on Mon, 12/20/99 07:28
Mystery solved, Art! Rather than reveal the answer however, I will let your other commenters follow this
link (or not, as they wish) -- http://www.coopersmithspub.com/History.htm

You can thank Infoseek, I haven't been within 500 miles of there. :)

Comments by Brian Kennedy (brk@eclipse.net) on Mon, 12/20/99 07:38
Doh! I almost said Denver (which it is not -- readers can follow the link for the answer) because the scene
looked "Colorado-y" to me, and I should have guessed this city. I grew up relatively close by, believe it or
not, but I have only been there fewer than 10 times. Sure is purty!

Comments by Fausto Araujo (FaustoA@aol.com) on Mon, 12/20/99 09:42
Great shot! I did not even try to recognize the place but it appears to be a site with busy turist atraction
because of the information board, the benches and lots of places for garbage cans. Thanks for the

Comments by Jim Gatschene (gatch@recorder.ca) on Mon, 12/20/99 12:49
Boy you can't beat the quality of a good Medium Format Camera. At first I thought it was an old post
card. The picture is crisp & clear.I like the scene. Get rid of the bikes and garbage cans and you'd think
your Back in the 20's.

Merry Xmas......

Comments by Dave Mitchell (deejayem@wordsley114.freeserve.co.uk) on Mon, 12/20/99 12:53
I like the composition and think the tones are great.
Thanks for your comments on my Eiger shot.

Merry Christmas

Dave Mitchell

Comments by Art Sands (sands@msn.com) on Mon, 12/20/99 20:03
Craig or should I say Dr. Holmes - excellent detective work! I'm impressed with the short time it took for
you to solve this urban architectural riddle.I wasn't sure when I posted this if I would run into a bunch of
neighbors - the wide variety of responses confirms my impression re the wide geographic area this site
attracts. Since you have so skillfully thrown out the answer without exactly telling how you got there, I will
leave the answer where it lies as well as your route of discovery.

Regarding the nice contrast and lighting on the sidewalks - I printed this on variable contrast paper and
boosted the contrast somewhat from the original negative, which was taken in the dusk with rather
subdued lighting. I burned in the area behind Santa and added a little more contrast at the Photoshop level.
The published result ended up a little more than I had planned, but I can't complain about the compliments.

Jim, re the sharpness of medium format - there's nothing like it-if you're contemplating a move, don't wait
30 years like I did - its work but well worth it. And BTW if you want the biggest mf negs and you don't
mind a little physical exercise,Pentax 67 is the name of the game - I bought mine w/200 lens for 1k (used).
I have to admit that I am thinking about a 4x5,however.

Thanks to all for the nice comments and wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Comments by Cleeo W. Wright (ckwright@xmission.com) on Tue, 12/21/99 07:43
Lovely shot Art. It almost looks like a scene from a model railroad. I'm not sure if that makes any sense.
Still it is nice work.

Comments by Kat Bonson (k2bonson@msn.com) on Wed, 12/22/99 16:38
Beautiful shot. I like the comparison to a model railroad, very appropriate.

I've actually been here, but until I followed the link, I couldn't place where it was. Thanks for the trip down
memory lane.

Comments by Doug Lander (douglander@aol.com) on Thu, 12/23/99 02:22
I followed the link and found I've never heard of anything to do with this shot and never heard of the
place. (I have now!) Never mind that. It's an excellent photo!

Comments by David Strachan (strachan@cww.octec.org.au) on Tue, 09/12/00 23:09
A Christmas Greeting from......?

I use Pentax 645 stuff, and D76. I've tried lots of developers but always come back to D76 as the best all
Good dark room work to get nice balances of darkness and light.
Cheers DJS

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